June 15 - Harvest Started!

Off we go for the start of the 2016 Norfolk Peer new potato season. We love seasonal produce and for us, Norfolk Peer new potatoes are a true Taste of Summer. The fact that they are only available during the summer makes them all the more special.

This picture shows the very first Norfolk Peer new potatoes packed and ready to send to customers today.

May 25 - First appearance

The Protective fleece has been removed and the potatoes are almost big enough to eat! Only a few weeks to go until harvest will commence and Norfolk Peer will be back on your local shelves.

May 11 - Warm Weather

With temperatures rising over the last week the Norfolk Peer crop have doubled in size. The combination of water and warmth is vital for early growth. Looks like we will be removing the fleece soon!

April 26 - Fleece

The Norfolk Peer are growing rapidly under the protective fleece. Hopefully the sun will be out soon to help push growth along

March 24 - Fleece applied

We have to apply fleece to ensure that the potatoes are kept safe from wintery weather which is still lingering around. The land gains an extra 2 degrees with the fleece on, meaning Norfolk Peer will grow quicker!

March 15 - Planting

These early plantings will be protected with fleece to keep the seed bed warmer and we will be planting every week right into June, to ensure a continuous supply of delicious new potatoes throughout the summer.d