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About Heygate Farms

Heygate Farms Swaffham Ltd., part of Heygate & Sons: the UK's largest independent country miller. The 5,686 acre Norfolk farm has a history dating back to 1957 and is operated independently from the group under the management of William Gribbon. From an area spanning 1,180 acres, plus rented land, 20,000 tonnes of potatoes are yielded annually.

Nurtured flavour

The free draining Breckland soil in Norfolk assists the production of potatoes full of flavour and with a clean, bright appearance. The soil is carefully prepared and plentiful irrigation is supplied continuously to encourage a consistent growing environment. Our quality difference is in the professional agronomy and attention to detail throughout the growing season. The combination of terrain, experience of many years and attention to detail, results in a potato crop of the very highest quality.

Providing the customer with a clearer choice Norfolk Peer is the first in a line of brands designed to help customers choose the best potato for each use, whether for baking, mashing, chipping or roasting and our range will be expanded to encompass specialities to suit each one of them. Our brands are intended to be distinctive in the marketplace and to be synonymous with a promise of quality, freshness and flavour: a brand that can be relied upon to deliver every time.