Norfolk PeerĀ® - premium new potatoes

Norfolk Peer is our premium new potato. Harvested fresh daily from June to September and simply delicious - the true 'Taste of Summer'!


Norfolk Peer new potatoes are seasonal produce and grown for a harvest period from June until September. Harvested fresh daily and packed on the farm, Norfolk Peer is available in three versions:

  • 10 kg boxes of washed, graded size 20 - 30mm
  • 10 kg boxes of washed, graded size 30 - 42mm
  • 15 kg sacks of Scrapers, graded size 42mm up

We harvest and pack to order and ideally we will know the day before you wish to collect so that we can add your requirements to the harvest for the day.

Norfolk Peer new potatoes are also available from selected retail outlets.

The Norfolk Peer Story

In early 1400, 'The Pedlar of Swaffham' (a Norfolk man) found gold under his own apple tree. So plentiful was his wealth that he rebuilt the north aisle and tower of the local church. 600 years later, another Norfolk man, William Gribbon, has also found gold with these splendid Norfolk Peer potatoes - not under an apple tree, but in his fields all around Swaffham. Bright in appearance and delicious in taste: Norfolk Peer - Nature's finest unearthed. In the summer of 2010, our Farm Manager, William Gribbon, was out walking with his family, picking vegetables for Sunday lunch. His family enjoyed the fresh, new potatoes with such enthusiasm that William decided he wanted everyone to understand the difference and enjoy the very best fresh produce. Out of these initial thoughts Norfolk Peer was born.

"It's been a steep learning curve but it feels exciting to give the customer something I know they will really enjoy" William Gribbon, Farm Manager.

"I have purchased some of your Norfolk Scrapers and they are the best example of a new potato I've ever seen in 35 years of being a greengrocer. They are fantastic and a credit to your company!"
Mark's Traditional Greengrocers, Brandon, Suffolk