Our Potatoes

Our Norfolk potatoes are grown in the free draining Breckland soil, deep in the Norfolk Brecks. Our unique local soils and semi-continental microclimate assists the development of a potato full of flavour with a clean, bright appearance. Our land is carefully prepared and plentiful irrigation is continuously supplied to encourage a consistent growing environment.

The quality and taste difference of our Norfolk potatoes is achieved through our professional agronomy and fine attention to detail throughout the growing season; a combination resulting in a potato crop of the very highest quality.

Norfolk Peer®
A premium new potato. Harvested fresh daily from June to September. Bright in appearance and delicious in taste - the true 'Taste of Summer'! More about Norfolk Peer...

Norfolk Keepers™

Delicious, small potatoes for boiling or roasting. The perfect small potato to follow our award-winning Norfolk Peer® new potatoes through the autumn and winter months, until the spring. More about Norfolk Keepers...