March 13th

Ridging is well underway inbetween the large amounts of snow and rain at the begininig of this year. As soon as the sun was out and the land was dry enough our team where ready and rearing to get on to make sure we could our Norfolk Peer in the ground and growing.

March 21st

Planting in full swing. Making the most of the dry weather. Lots of potatoes to get in the ground ready for harvesting and getting to your plate for mid June.

April 2nd

Keeping the chill off! We cover our first planted potatoes with fleece to help protect them from the harsh weather.

May 8th

The fleece covered Norfolk Peer are growing wonderfully. The extra protection from the rain, and chill has worked wonders for their growth this year.

May 10th

Our fleece-less potatoes are also doing well. It wont be long until they will be on your plate!

May 29th

The flowers have made an appearance. Our test dig is showing good growth and we are looking like we will be on track to start lifting the first Norfolk Peer Potatoes in the next couple of weeks! Keep an eye out in your local Tesco stores and market stalls.